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Service Areas

Retirement Solutions

Pension Maximization

Pension Maximization is a strategy that allows a defined contribution plan participant to receive the maximum monthly benefit amount while providing an income tax free survivor benefit to their spouse at a lower cost than the pension plan administrator can provide.

Social Security Maximization

Through our Social Security Maximization program, we analyze your benefits and develop claiming strategies based on your life expectancy to ensure that you claim the greatest cumulative lifetime benefit, and don’t leave potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

IRA Planning

An Individual Retirement Account is a tax qualified account that can provide supplemental retirement income and fill any potential financial gaps. Through a philosophy of case specific design backed by asset protection and wealth accumulation, we assist you in creating a sound plan for your supplemental retirement funds.

Living Benefits

Once you have created a sound retirement income plan, it is important to protect it. There are circumstances in life that can erode your retirement assets. Therefore, we look to provide adequate shielding against potential threats that can destroy any perfect plan. These include catastrophic accidents, illnesses or diseases.

Estate Planning

The Estate Plan is a collection of legal documents that protect you and your assets from probate, conservatorship and family disputes. Our Estate Planning Portfolio contains the Revocable Living Trust, Power of Attorney for Asset Management, HIPAA Compliant Power of Attorney for Healthcare Management, and Wills.

Wealth Transfer Strategies

After a successful retirement and the accumulation of assets it becomes important to have a transition plan to pass your wealth to the next generation. We specialize in creating specific strategies that can maximize the value your assets beyond their current value, minimize tax liabilities and simplify beneficiary distribution.

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