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About Us

Why Union Retirement Solutions?

Union Retirement Solutions has been the leading provider of financial services for union members and their families for over 20 years. We are experts when it comes to navigating union sponsored health, welfare and pension benefits, employer plans and government entitlements like social security.

Our Mission

Our mission is to navigate and ensure your retirement security. We achieve this by assisting you in protecting and building your wealth through personalized financial planning and strategies. We take a conservative approach to assure you live comfortably today and protect your legacy for the future.

We are an independent brokerage so our loyalty is only to you. We succeed by being objective and unbiased. We strive to provide exceptional service and to create lasting lifelong relationships.

What You Can Expect From Us

You expect a retirement built just for you and your unique circumstances and that’s what we deliver.looking-at-docs Coordinating your investments, insurance and estate plan is what makes us unique. We believe this added value, coupled with our ongoing monitoring of your financial life, makes the difference between having peace of mind and succumbing to the financial stress that unpleasant surprises often bring.

Before we develop your retirement strategy, our team dedicates a great deal of time to . . . listening.

. . . Listening to your goals, your priorities and your financial situation. As we listen, we begin to understand what your vision is for your retirement. This understanding enables our team to build solutions that bring your vision to life. With a written plan in hand and attention paid to any course corrections along the way, we implement and execute a strategy to move you toward your long-term financial goals.