Social Security Maximization

Social Security Maximization

For over 20 years, Union Retirement Solutions has been serving members with personalized retirement planning strategies. We understand the complexities of protecting, growing, and maximizing our members’ pensions and Social Security benefits. Whether still working or already retired, our goal is to protect your assets from market volatility while maximizing your monthly earnings; providing you and your family with dependable income for years to come.

  • Social Security can provide you and your family with benefits when you retire, if you become disabled, and when you pass away.

But, did you know? There are over 500 ways to claim your benefits…do you know which is right for you?

If not, you could lose up to 76% of your Social Security benefits, 76% that is rightfully yours!

Union Retirement Solutions has the solution!

We educate our members which strategies will fulfill their needs, and when the ideal time is to claim Social Security in order to maximize their benefits.

Utilize our financial education services to take the uncertainty out of managing your retirement. Union Retirement Solutions offers an advanced Social Security benefit calculator along with important information specifically designed to discover your financial needs now and for the future.

Furthermore, we’ve created a library of informative educational videos available to you in order to learn more about Social Security Maximization.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Social Security Determines Your Benefit
  • How the Age When You Retire Affects Your Benefits
  • Who Else Can Get Benefits
  • Early Retirement Benefits vs. Delayed Retirement Benefits
  • Who Can Receive Survivor Benefits
  • Social Security Disability
  • Taxes on Benefits

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